What’s up with the Hookup?

It seems that Online Dating has become the most common if not the only resource for dating nowadays. Unless of course you want to consider meeting that special someone in Church,a  local MeetUp groups or a random encounter in daily life. Let’s get real though–what are the chances of meeting that one special person, the[…]

The Sexless Syndrome

The No. 1 Sex Problem : The Sexless Syndrome – Why She/He Has No Libido?

Change is upon is. This is most often a good thing. However, change in our relationships may be difficult to handle. The No.1 issue being reported by many already in relationship… is no sex life! So then what is this mysterious “Sexless Syndrome” affecting our perfectly manicured and totally pumped gym bodies? To even imagine[…]

Adam and Eve

Euphorium : Q & A

Euphorium Q & A Everything you ever wanted to know about sex, but never asked. Here’s your chance to ask Dr. Arlene Krieger. Below, you can find some hand-picked questions and answers from past visitors. To send your own question, please use the form at the bottom of this page. Not all questions will be[…]

On the Cusp of Compromise, I Slipped and Fell to Living Hell

On the Cusp of Compromise, I Slipped and Fell to Living Hell

Whether lovers, husband and wife, or in various stages of relationship, there are often many obstacles that provide an opportunity for growth. Many of the couples and individuals that present in my office, are dealing with issues of having “fallen out of love.” They state that they are “not in love” with their partner any[…]