The No. 1 Sex Problem : The Sexless Syndrome – Why She/He Has No Libido?


Change is upon is. This is most often a good thing. However, change in our relationships may be difficult to handle. The No.1 issue being reported by many already in relationship… is no sex life! So then what is this mysterious “Sexless Syndrome” affecting our perfectly manicured and totally pumped gym bodies?

To even imagine that we as human beings can “intellectualize” issues at work and problems at home… and move on as though nothing is happening, is unrealistic at best. As stated best in a Desperate Housewives episode; by the character Carlos in response to Gabriele’s request, “I just wanted to have a normal life!” Carlos says, “Well, guess what sweetie? Dad’s unhappy at work; Mom’s home with the screaming kids. You got one.” That pretty much sums it up!

Our emotional problems affect our physical well being. These two systems of emotionality and physicality do not operate independent of one another. It is a biological impossibility.

Although many traditional medicine practitioners have not previously focused on the mind/body connection, we as educated consumers are now demanding this dual integrative approach from our medical and alternative care practitioners and doctors.

When a patient whether male or female comes into my office with issues of low libido or more commonly stated as “No Sex Drive”, I first will want to “rule out” any other physiological or biological reasons that could be affecting their libido.

As a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, when patients present in my office with these issues I work collaboratively with a team of professionals, i.e. urologists, anti-aging medicine doctors, and other alternative care practitioners, to meet each individual patient’s needs.

Just as women can have an imbalance in hormones, so do men. Women lose hormones (90 percent over a two-year period) and are quite aware of their symptoms; because of this they usually do something about it immediately. For men, it takes 10-12 years to completely bottom out. Because this transition is so gradual they usually attribute these symptoms to aging. Many men and women have not realized that aging is simply declining hormones. According to experts, in the BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) field state that this decline can be slowed down and in some cases reversed with hormone therapy.

If you are seeking a sex therapist in your area to address these issues with, please make sure that they are licensed as a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist. Many find that their quality of life relationship and sex life are greatly improved, once these medical/psychotherapeutic issues are addressed.