10 Things Not to Say or Do on a First Date


While sitting at lunch with a long time woman friend of mine the other day, I overheard a conversation going on in the booth behind me. A man in his early 50’s was complaining to his male friend that he didn’t understand why he couldn’t meet a woman. I wondered if he was part of the crowd I refer to as the Dating Deficit Disorder syndrome.

I don’t think that many realize the effect that their conversations can have on a first date. I suppose that good manners, consideration for the other’s feelings, a moral compass are things that we for the most part, expect other human beings to have integrated into their persona by a certain age.

After all I’m not talking about dating at 16, but rather in the world of adults that are out there in the dating world now at the ages of 30’s  and upwards. You might wonder how a grown man or woman doesn’t get it at this point in time, but trust me — the DDD syndrome is alive and well in the world of Worst Dates Ever!

Here are the top 10 Mistakes that men/women can make when dating:

  1. Talking about your ex
  2. Showing pictures to your date of your ex , no matter what the context.
  3. Crying (I’m serious)
  4. Insulting the waiter or service person in the restaurant
  5. Embarrassing your date by either No. 4 or in any other form or manner
  6. Cracking dirty jokes at this stage of the game as you don’t really know the person you’re sitting across from.
  7. Getting sloppy drunk and falling asleep in your plate of food. Getting sloppy drunk and sleeping with your date and not remembering how you got in their bed the next morning.
  8. Flirting with other women or men while on your date.
  9. Telling your date that they’ll pick up your Valet check and that you can buy them dinner next time. Also  this one is for the Men , Leaving your date at the Valet when they pull your car up first.
  10. Octopus Hands: Sticking your tongue so far down your dates throat ( Yes, Ladies even you have been accused of this by Men!) for the first kiss, grabbing your date’s butt and asking them if they are going to ask you to go home with them. Insulting your date when they do not go home with you!

Listen up Girls and Guys

Men like to hunt and the challenge of pursuit. Women like to be treated with respect and made to feel special and men like to be appreciated and not used as a meal ticket or endless tab at the bar.

Take a hint from the above 10 Transgressions of the Worst Dating Practices ever!  It’s really not all that difficult to meet a great person and be successful in the dating world. Although not for the faint of heart – This is your Mantra-  Think before you speak or act and go out and have some fun!



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